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Great news for the housing market nationwide!!

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The US Commerce department’s report today shows that new home sales surged in the month of June! The combination of low interest rates as well as the lowest quantity of standing inventory in 42 years means that this is a historically great time to purchase a home. Read the emerging details here, and continue to follow Konter Quality Homes for up to date information regarding the state of the housing market.

Great weekend activity in Savannah

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This weekend, check out the beautiful artwork at the Telfair Museum, but make sure you go on an empty stomach.  Café Zeum, located on the second floor of the Jepson Center overlooking Telfair Square is a great eatery.  The food is light (sandwiches and salads), but they have worked out some very interesting flavor combinations and the portions are ample.  Artwork and a gorgeous Savannah square – can you imagine a better view during lunch?!