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Technology in the home

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: May 14, 2010

Are you confused by all of the new and emerging home technology’s that are out there? Cedia (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) has a put out a simple 10 item list to help you navigate through the electronics world and know what questions to ask when. See the following link to simplify your approach to home technology: Cedia 10 smart comsumer tip list

Energy Star update

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: May 11, 2010

The EPA recently anounced changes to the Energy Star program for new homes. The new requirements are slated to make new homes 20% more efficient that the updated 2009 IECC Energy Code. The changes to the Energy Star Program are slated to be adopted by January 2011. Please see the following link to the EPA press release for more information about the evolution of the Energy Star program, Energy Star Press release.

Konter Quality Homes takes pride in being Savannah’s only 100% Energy Star single family home builder.